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Waste Management Solutions

Changes in legislation, increases in costs and raised corporate environmental awareness is increasingly putting waste producing companies under pressure to lower waste production, lower environmental impact, increase reuse, recovery, recycling and lower costs. Progressively more and more companies are looking to specialised waste and recycling industry partners to deliver this advice and service.

What We Do

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Ecoganix has an immense level of expertise and in depth knowledge of the waste management, recycling and agricultural industries and is already working in partnership with a number of large companies across a large service sector, including utilities companies, local authorities and manufacturing companies, to assist its customers and partners in meeting their requirements. The comprehensive service provided to customers enables them to concentrate on their core business confident that they are complying fully with their legal requirements whilst minimising environmental impact but maximising business returns.

Ecoganix can offer complete waste management services for business premises and operational sites. We carry out audits and work wherever possible to an open book on current costs. Our aim is then to improve efficiency and sustainability of the operation while at the same time reducing costs and in certain cases bring in revenues!

Advantages of working with Ecoganix

Ecoganix is able to integrate various services and develop packages to suit your specific waste management needs. Our services typically offer:

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