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A Market Leading Recycling Company

Ecoganix has been providing waste and resource management solutions since 2002 (previously under the name Envar Ltd). The business was originally formed by the ADAS Group as an operational platform to put the principles of the Safe Sludge Matrix into commercial practice. Over the years Ecoganix has built up a large portfolio of government and commercial sector clients and now provides solutions equating to the management of approximately 750,000 tonnes of waste material per year.

During the summer of 2013 the previous Envar contracting business was sold by its parent company ADAS Group, to Winterhall Commercial, a business owned by our current Managing Director Arthur Ready. This deal confirmed the change in name to Ecoganix.


‘Ensuring clients are provided with a safe, compliant and quality assured waste management solution that utilises technology and science to achieve cost effective and sustainable options for waste materials’.

Using our mix of technical knowledge and practical expertise, Ecoganix will review your waste stream and assess the best route for reuse, recovery or recycling via:

Ecoganix currently manages a wide variety of materials. Typically these include:

Ecoganix clients include; Utility Companies, Local Authorities, Paper Mills, Food & Drink Manufacturers, Waste Management Companies, Developers and Supermarkets. We also provide consultancy advice to Government, Regulators and Agencies and commercial sector clients who value our technical expertise and industry knowledge.

Examples of the by-products that Ecoganix recycles include:

  • Biosolids
    (cake, sludge, liquids, pellets, limed cake and non compliant cake).
  • Water treatment sludge and sewage sludge
  • Paper Crumble
  • Food waste residues
    (liquids, effluents, cakes)
  • Biological treatment sludges
  • Dairy By-Products
  • Abattoir wastes
  • Dredging sediments
  • Chemical By-Products

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