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By-Product Recycling

With a number of years of experience in working with the farming and agricultural industry, Ecoganix has identified the potential to recycle various materials to land in order to provide a benefit to soils through fertiliser value or improving soil organic matter. Ecoganix works to the ADAS Safe Sludge Matrix which is the guideline accepted by Water UK to ensure that sewage sludge (specifically) can be safely recycled to land.

What We Do

Where it is not possible to adopt land application methods for by-products, Ecoganix can source the most suitable method for treatment for the particular waste stream. Where disposal may be the only current option, Ecoganix offer clients and research and development package to exhaust all potential options and investigate where other cost effective and sustainable, methods could be developed.

In total, Ecoganix manage approximately 650,000 tonnes of waste by-products per year.

Examples of the by-products that Ecoganix recycles include:

Water Treatment Sludge, Sewage Sludge & Other Biosolids Products

treatment ecoganix

Ecoganix has the knowledge and the expertise within the utilities industry to deliver a proven track record for the removal of clean and dirty water sludges (including biosolids based products). These products have a beneficial nutrient content for agricultural purposes and once the soil has been sampled and analysed we can identify the quantities and type of sludge or product ideally suited to the relevant field. These types of sludges and products has been treated at the relevant works and can be blended with other recycled products (e.g. compost for example) to suit the requirements of the soil.

Although paper sludge is also commonly used to stabilise and compliment the structure of the soil, paper sludge can also be used in conjunction with sewage sludge to create a better product to suit the forecasted crops.

Ecoganix has been at the forefront of developing recycling outlets to land. We also assist in the formulation of new regulations, giving the water and waste industry a voice which is well respected.

Paper Crumble

paper crumble ecoganix

Ecoganix has been at the forefront of recycling paper crumble from the paper making sector. Paper crumble is a mixture of small paper fibres that the paper making process cannot turn into products. The fibres are extracted at various paper producers around the country for recycling as a valuable alternative resource. Since Ecoganix has been operating we have been assisting the paper sector in recycling paper crumble into agriculture, the rural economy and land improvement for beneficial use.

Controlled use of paper crumble for these recycling markets is approved by the Environment Agency and Farmers alike. Before any paper crumb can be utilised as a resource we anaylse the waste and identify the beneficial factors. Typical uses for paper crumble include use as a soil improver in agriculture and land restoration projects. We can also use paper crumble as an alternative animal bedding in the dairy sector.
Ecoganix is entrenched in the rural economy and our clients in the paper sector benefit from this access to established recycling markets.

Other Biological Wastes

biological spreading ecoganix

Ecoganix manage a variety of other biological based wastes including effluents, food and drink wastes, dairy by-products, dredging sediments, soil washings and abattoir wastes. We always ultimately aim for land application for biological wastes whenever possible to realise the nutrient value to soils, but we also have access to specialist treatment processors who can handle and treat wastes unsuitable for this application. This may include renders for certain animal by-products or waste water treatment for certain dairy by-products for example.

Chemical Wastes

chemicals ecoganix

From time to time we are asked to manage non biological by-products that are chemical and (or) hazardous. These materials and liquids can be managed from containment on site, through to secure haulage and disposal. We have many sub-contractor partners across the UK who assist with these types of wastes.

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